The Seven Ways a Broker Brings Value

As you contemplate a leasing, sales or purchase transaction, a great question you can ask yourself is, “What value does a broker bring me?”

Here are seven powerful reasons how we can help you get the best value in your commercial real estate transaction.

  1. From a legal standpoint, we are your Agent.  The following is a link to the “Law of Agency” pamphlet that can explain in great detail what the duties of an agent are to you. (add link).

In summary, several things we are charged to do:

  • Deal honestly and in good faith.
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care.
  • Be loyal and take no action that is adverse or detrimental to your interest in a transaction.
  • Not disclose any confidential information.
  1. We believe you are the most valuable asset your company has.  The most effective use of your time is guiding and helping your business to grow.

Anything that detracts from that, costs you money.  Certainly seeking a new location, whether purchasing or leasing, can take time and attention off the target.  We estimate that we can reduce the time demands of this process for you by 60%.

  1. We do this every day.  We know the market rates, we know the local properties and their owners, and we stay current with activities and trends in the you clarify your search parameters and can narrow your focus to speed up the process.  The high vacancy rates we see in today’s market do not necessarily translate into a huge number of actual vacant spaces.  Also, it can be tempting to look at properties that do not fit your profile.
  1. We acquaint you with the “terminology” of the negotiation process to help you feel prepared and know what to expect.
  1. We assist you over the emotional hurdles that negotiating can throw in our way. Understandably, some negotiations can be very personal and result in feeling the very common ups and downs.
  1. We support and keep you on track.  We’ve got timelines and checklists to make sure we’re covering all the bases.  Further, if we discover we need more expertise, we seek it out