Here are websites that have put together resources and links to help you navigate through these challenging days .

Hornstein Law Group   

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 


South West Washington Contractors

Most of your local Banks an Credit Unions have been gearing up their teams to be resources for the Federal and State programs .

Your best strategy is to start first with your local banker or lender , keep them informed, as well as reach out to your Landlord,

keep communications lines open with both of them as we move through this.


If you would like some perspective on what those conversations with the Landlord might look like feel welcome to reach out.

We are not attorneys, but we have some experience that could be valuable .

Keep in the top of your mind that you are valuable to the Landlord, that it would be expensive for him if you leave or close.  Also, they

may be just as concerned about cash flow and operations as you, a commercial property is after all just a small business.

Approach them as an equal , and with respect.



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