Thai Orchid – Stops leasing !

Recieved my copy of the Vancouver Business Journal today, and on the front page they had a nice article about Kat Saenguraiporn and her husband Noom who have purchased  a 4800 square foot building in downtown Vancouver from Ryan Hurley. The building, on the same city block as their current location, where they have served […]


LAST  PUB TALK 2012 – Come preview the companies who will rule the future. Clark County PubTalk™ TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012  5 p.m. – 8 p.m. “BUSINESS PITCH COMPETITION” Clark County’s premiere networking event for entrepreneurs is back with another exciting installment, featuring an exciting Business Pitch Competition. Details will be announced shortly, so stay […]

I think I just heard this???

Last week I wrote about the article I’d submitted in the VBJ called  “TIme to Move?”.  The basic premise being we are seeing an accelerating trend of local companies making the move from leasing to owning their business properties. I referenced in my article the table I’d included, that showed more than  twenty companies who’d done […]

On the Move !

The most recent edition of the Vancouver Business Journal published an article I submitted on an accelerating trend in the Commercial Real Estate market.  The article titled Is it Time to Move ?  noted that the Business Journal had highlighted  for several weeks in a row local companies who were making the move from leasing to […]

Bullet Points from the Fed

The actions of  the Federal Reserve this past week represent a clearly defined  shift into a significantly more aggressive mode to improve the employment market.  The Fed like all of us has been impatient to see employment numbers improve, and finally got tired of wai Here are several bullet points that will give you the […]

Moving from Leasing to Owning

Here are two stories over the past week that reinforce the idea that now is a great time for companies to purchase their business properties.  The Vancouver Business Journal featured Mike Jenkins and Daryl Horrowitz and their purchase of a 3.6 million dollar three story building at Mill Plain and Columbia.  Jenkins,  head of Coldwell […]

Stop leasing ! – Own your Business Property in 2012

Last night we kicked of the 2012 Commercial Property $uccess $eries with CP101- our class on moving from Leasing to Owning. Excellent presentations by Deborah Oester from Columbia Credit Union about preparing yourself to aproach a Commercial lender, Jim Bright on the SBA 504 program, and Ron Frederiksen of RSV Building Solutions on how to […]

Downtown Vancouver Commercial Property

From Sunday February 12 Columbian Newspaper- by Cami Joner   Employees of Gravitate enter their downtown Vancouver workplace through a side-street door and climb wooden stairs to their second-floor loft space. Open and airy, the upstairs office in the former Koplan’s Home Furnishings building includes groupings of desks that bask in the natural light coming […]

Economic Winds

Have you noticed the change in the tenor and types of economic stories the past two months?   As we slogged through the spring all the way through to  late  summer of 2011, stork markets were reeling  and we were inundated by  stories expressing fear  around the idea that the economy was slowing to a point that we might […]

Stop Leasing: Own your Business Property !

Commercial Property $uccess $eries presents: our classic workshop that will show you how 2012 you can move from leasing to owning your business space.  Click here for more information.   We’ll show you how to purchase your property for 10% down and  get a 20 year fixed term on your loan.  You’ll also learn how […]