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What is a Saver to do?

Income Investment PropertiesThis is the title of an article we published in the April 2011 issue of the Vancouver Business Journal.

It highlights the plight of many individuals, who have been good stewards of their capital, placing it in conservative income producing investments and getting returns as much as 80% lower than they could five years ago.   The fallout of the Federal reserve’s Low Interest Rate policy is that savers are taking a beating.   To make things even worse, inflation continues along at rates close to three per cent.     This means you are going broke, slowly, but surely losing two per cent of your capital each year.

Savers have few options.  Dividend paying stocks – most are mediocre, and you still have market risk.

We have an entire series of investments we see as having great value.   Projects that own real estate provide cash flow and potential appreciation , in partnership with companies that have credit rating even better than the Federal Government.

If your fed up with the volatility in today’s stock market, and looking for more safety and growth, let us teach you about the alternatives available in commercial real estate.

These investments can work for your retirement accounts; IRA or 401 k assets.  Commercial properties are great vehicles to use to produce stable cash flows   for retirement incomes, and protect your wealth by  giving you protection as a hard asset against inflation.

Contact me today and receive a free copy of  of the book IRA Wealth by Patrick Rice,


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