Last Thursday was a really exciting day in that I attended a 1 year anniversarry ribbon cutting with the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Ribbon cuttings are one of the highlights of being on the GVCC Board of Directors. We get to see up-close and personal the local companies that are either starting-up, or in this case, expanding and growing. A great job was done by Barb Holbrook and her Ambassodor team on the ribbon cutting. Of course there was a nice crowd for a bit of after-work relaxation and an adult beverage or two!


5 Year Success Plan

Making this even more exciting, Chef Peter Leigh is a client. Five years ago Chef Peter connected with me and asked if I could him to secure an existing food service lease space at the Columbia Business Center. This is one of my strengths: Tenant Representation. Peter needed a base for his catering operation, one that could have the capacity to be a restaurant or host events. Over the first three years, Peter’s business continued to grow. Growing so much to the point where he worked with his landlord to upgrade the space, bring on a nice supply of craft beers to augment his already excellent selection of wines, and in creating the Columbia Tap Room. Congratulations Peter!