Summer is definitely on the down hill slide. Kids are back to school, and it is time for us to present another session of Commercial Property 101 so that you can make 2014 the year you transitioned to owning your commercial property. This is a 90 minute workshop. You’ll get an overview of how over the past two years more than three dozen local companies have made owning their commercial property part of their business strategy.

You’ll learn how you can use an SBA 504 loan to qualify for making only a 10% down payment- protecting your working capital. In addition the SBA 504 can make it possible to have a below market interest rate that is fixed for twenty years. What that means is that you can keep you real estate costs from rising with inflation each year, which over the long haul will make you more profitable, improve your competitive position and generate more wealth through equity build up.

We’ll have a twenty five year veteran of the construction industry talk to you about the pitfalls you face during the ¬†permitting process, and how you can actually make a partner of your city or county to reduce development time . Check out the Commercial Property Success Series link on our website- www.yourfuture-own-it.com