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There is plenty of discussion on reasons why there is less office demand now than prior to the Great Recession. Obviously one reason is the depth of cutting companies have done to their staffs.  There is ongoing discussion about the impact of technology as more individuals  and companies taking advantage of being mobile.

These factors  were supposed to put  pressure on the amount of office space that would be in demand in the future.   Here is a link to an article in Business Week that discusses some of the challenges  we face in being productive in the open – office plans that have become so popular.

Here is a paragraph- and then a link to the article.

Like many people, I work in an open-plan office. There are rows of long shared desks, as on a bond trading floor. That means that at any one time, I am within earshot of approximately three dozen phone conversations—it would be more if one of my neighbors wasn’t a laser printer. In addition, from where I sit, there are six TV screens within my line of sight, which are usually tuned (soundlessly, thank God) to 24-hour news channels. There’s a Kurt Vonnegut short story set in a dystopian future in which everyone is supposed to be exactly equal, mentally and physically, so smart people have to wear little devices in their ears that blast horrible noises every 20 seconds to disrupt their thinking. That is how my office sometimes feels. And so yesterday I found myself groping repeatedly for the spot on my desk where the noise-canceling headphones used to sit—and breaking into a cold sweat when I couldn’t find them.

If you require  help with your office needs, expanding, right sizing or just entering the Clark County market we can help, both with the search, the negotiations, and connecting you to resources that will help you turn your office into a highly productive space.





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