Will this Cycle take seven years like the Great Recession Cycle?

Will this Cycle take seven years like the Great Recession Cycle? The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market operates in a cyclical pattern and is closely tied to the broader economy.  The Cycle consists of four distinct phases: Recovery, Expansion, Contraction, and Recession. Each phase presents unique challenges and opportunities for tenants, investors, developers, and Owner […]

New Report Shows 2022 Tourism Exceeded Pre-Pandemic Numbers in Clark County, Wash.

New Report Shows 2022 Tourism Exceeded Pre-Pandemic Numbers in Clark County, Wash. VANCOUVER, Wash. — A recent report conducted by national travel research firm Tourism Economics for State of Washington Tourism (SWT) showed visitor spending and volume in Clark County, Wash. exceeded 2019 data for the first year since COVID-19 depleted the tourism industry. Total […]

The Long Game…. Could it be another 7-year Cycle? 

The Long Game…. Could it be another 7-year Cycle? The Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases have had an impact on the volume of both residential and commercial property sales during the past year.  As the Fed raises rates, it affects the cost of borrowing money for commercial property investments. This has resulted in higher costs […]

Boom-Towns of America: We Ranked 39th!

Boom-Towns of America – We Are Ranked 39th!  Seven Economic Drivers That Will Keep Clark County Growing… Clark County continues to thrive and provide for a great foundation of investment in commercial property. SmartAsset, a national financial planning education website, recently ranked Vancouver as the 39th Fastest Growing City in the U.S! While we see […]

Economic Date Update

They say that these are not the best of times but they’re the only times I’ve ever known. . . its either sadness or euphoria                                                      -Billie Joel  I don’t have a crystal ball , so I can’t  tell you if we’re going to see  hyper inflation , continued aggressive Fed interest rate increases,   massive […]


2022 was a very successful year for Commercial Real Estate in Clark County.  We’ve discussed before that the pace of development in all segments of the market over the past 10 years has put Clark County on the map as a great place to locate companies, develop land, and own commercial property.    We present […]


According to the 2020 Census, Clark County’s population has now gone over the 500,000 mark for the first time ever! We have seen steady growth since the early 1980’s, spurred on by our great location on the North bank of the Columbia River. Cooperative visionary efforts by our cities, ports, county and private sector business […]

What Can 13 Interesting Transactions Tell Us About Q1 2021 Trends?

3201 NW 32nd Ave

Q1 Commercial Transactions may be a bit of a small sample size, but they do show our market remains solid. It has been clear, for the past several years, that Clark County has had a HOT real estate market! This is true for both Residential and Commercial. The pace of new residents moving in, first […]

Top Ten Retail Transactions in Clark County 2020

Cascade Market Place_Aerial

This headline is a bit misleading, as you’ll notice there are actually thirteen transactions on this list. I’ve included a couple extra; three transactions had the same owner and  illustrate the ongoing maturing of the Clark County market as a very attractive environment for investment dollars. We all know COVID has had a huge impact […]