We have just crossed over the six-month mark since the Covid shutdowns.  The first few weeks were brutal as the vast majority of  all restaurants closed , although there were a small group of local operators who made heroic efforts to pivot , and attempted to remain   open with just pick , and delivery sales.     Many fast-food operations, already designed for drive through business were able to fair better, but across Clark County restaurant sales took a nosedive.

After a couple months , the Stat began to allow reopening .   Many guidelines were put in place, plexiglass barriers ,  social distancing with a 6-foot requirement  , masking , limited capacity seating            ( based on the 6-foot guidelines, limited party sizes and limited use of bar areas).

During the interim restaurants were attempting to deal with a number of issues even to get to a place where they could reopen.   Discussions with Landlords ( how to you open with a rent based on a model that expects you to have 2.5 X the sales you can generate in the new realities) , gathering working capital ( PPM helped ) , recruiting and retraining staff , ensuring the new health and safety standards are being met.  In addition, many restaurants had to totally restock their food inventories .   It is actually a miracle that many have reopened at all .

During this same time period  a determined group of local restaurateurs, Tap room owners , local elected officials and business association executives began to meet on a weekly basis to work on having clear communication , and to try and eliminate as many road blocks as possible and and provide a possible path to being able to remain open for the long haul.

The current situation is this.  Restaurants and Tap Rooms  are open based on their having received PPP dollars.    They are experiencing  restricted sales by the weather, both with the fires, and as the season changes .   All these factors are causing them to hemorrhage their cash.  Most of them are losing money daily.  Their time line for survival is fairly short.

There have been less than 100 cases reported across the state directly traced back to restaurants.  Most of those to establishments that are not holding up the State standards.  The Industry feels that using the proper safety standards , you be safe and healthy on site .

Please Help !  Restaurants will face running out of money and having to close.  Consider once again targeting a day a week that you do a to go order , or even go on site and eat.  Buy some gift certificates.   Keep you ears to the ground for business efforts that are reaching out to the Govenor and asking for help .  Support extension of the PPP loans at the federal level .